Self-Dependent Sustainable Globle Family Home University


 The Thirteen Stages of Sun Yoga India ™

 The Thirteen Stages of Sun Yoga India ™



Conquer All Material Desires

Related chakras: Anahata, Vishuhda, Agna, Monipur, Swadhisthan.

Develop Divine Energy

Related chakra: Sahasradhara and Muladhara.


Related chakra: Dhyana and Dhyanarodhak.


Related chakra: Samadhi and Samadhirodhak.

Conquer hunger

Related chakra: Amrit chakra and Amritrodhak.

Conquer thirst


Related chakra: Jivanmukta chakra and Jivanmuktarodhak chakra.


Supreme Soul

Related chakras: Brahmbhandanusama chakra and Brahmbhandanusamarodhak chakra.


Conquer Diseases

Related chakra: Rogamukta chakra and Rogamuktarodhak chakra.


Related chakra: Paramahansa chakra and Paramahansarodhak chakra.

Having no enemies

Related chakra: Chaityana chakra and Chaityanarodhak chakra.


Related chakra: Amar chakra and Amarrodhak chakra.

Earth Vibrations

Related chakras: Grahanusama chakra and Grahanusamarodhak chakra.

Sun's vibration

Related chakras: Nakhatranusama chakra and Nakhatranusamarodhak chakra.

Sun Yoga India ™

Sun Yogi Sri Umashankar Ji


According to the Oxford dictionary, science is “the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world and society (esp. through observation and experiment)”. In these terms, Uma Sankar Sunyogi ™

Upcoming Event

Beginners Workshop (Austria)

Date : 16th to 17th June 2018
Time : 7:00 am – ca: 6/7:00 pm
Email :
Contact : Hannes Drdla and Andrea Pöltl
Phone number :  +43 (0)6606781452 

Beginners Sunyoga Workshop (Germany)

  Mörfelden Walldorf bei Frankfurt
Date: 6 - 8 July  2018
Contact Person :  Michael Ewertz
Contact: +49 177 3160322 
Email :

Beginners Sunyoga Workshop (Norway)

   Store bergan Idrettsplass, 3212 Sandefjord, Norway
Date : 13-15 July
Time : 7:00 am – ca: 6/7:00 pm
Email :
Contact : Jess MUNDHILL
Phone number : +47 980 22 217


Advanced Sunyoga Workshop (Austria)

   Nötsch in Gailtal, Carinthia, Austria
Date : 22-28 July  (arrival day 21 July evening)
Email :
Contact : Michaela WIEGELE + Simone CANTAMESSA
Phone number : +43 699 190 27 681


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Benefits of Sun yoga India ™






Spiritual Imbalance



Center your body and mind.

When we look the Sun through Agna Chakra, Pineal Gland receive the Cosmic energy through Sun goose to the Cerebelum make metabolism create 5 element energy goose to the Cerebrum 2% of the Brain, (Conscious part of Knowledge or limited knowledge) where lots of incomplete knowledge are hanging which is imbalance of the 5 elements will make complete by the faction of the second 1000 windows unnecessary memory was hanging since long time closed. we will regain our higher memories. We got Mental power.


Self-Dependent Sustainable Globle Family Home University


Cultivation & Cow

means Natural Organic food
Empty stomach we can not give Education.


we have weave our own cloth.
Cultivate organic Cotton save the nature.!


Local material build natural house,!
Pollution free life.!


Natural treatment gives us real health,!
Global Health Home.!

Global Family

Orphan age ,mid age, old age and needy age  will lives together,!
Pollution free life.!


It should be combined form modern education and ancient gurukul education system.

Enlighten person

Education has to be Self sustainable,! Self dependent.!


May the future brings love and light for the humanity, with a community of awaken souls on the way to enlightenment in a beautiful environment of peace and freedom.


Universal Peace Centre (UPC) aims at uniting all people no matter their background into universal brotherhood and universal peace. In UPC caste, creed, religion and races have no power to set people apart. With UPC, people can live a harmonious peaceful life.
The Universal Peace Center started 1998 in the Ashram in Sunyogis Homevillage Lachipur in West Bengal India. Organic cultivation is the first step already taken to create healthy food and a self-sustained environment.


The mission of the Universal Peace Centre Trust is to create a self-dependent and self-sustainable Global Family Home University. We need to become self-dependent in order to gain control of what can pollute our environment and create disturbance and toxins in our life and body. This is vital for having an efficient purification and education system where to resolve all our problems in life. .


Oh my God, she attained the stage beyond sensually perception beyond meditation exactly called samadhi (समाधि) in just 5 minutes. People struggle for years together to reach this level, take many birth for this achievement and she got it in just 5 minutes. 🙂

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May God almighty bless all of us ( Sun Yoga India ™ practitioners) to achieve this high level of spiritual journey called Samadhi. He said we are aware of the asanas, what is right posture of doing the asanas & the advantages of the same. This combination is rare in yoga & spiritual practices 🙂

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I further observed there was no pain on her face, eyes were half open, showing comfort and piece on her face. I checked her aura, her etheric, emotional and mental subtle bodies, there was no Sign of sickness or any kind of problem. 🙂

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(+14) Brahmandanusama
(+13) Nakshatranusama
(+12) Grahanusama
(+11) Amar
(+10) Chaitanya
(+9) Paramahansa
(+8) Rogamukta
(+7) Jeevanmukta
(+6) Amrit
(+5) Samadhi
(+4) Dhyana
(+3) Sahasrara
(+2) Agya Chakra
(+1) Vishudhhi Chakra
(0 ) Anahata Chakra

(-1) Manipura
(-2) Swadhisthana
(-3) Mooladhara
(-4) Dhyan Rodhak
(-5) Samadhi Rodhak
(-6) Amrit Rodhak
(-7) Jeevanmukta Rodhak
(-8) Rogmukta Rodhak
(-9) Paramhansa Rodhak
(-10) Chaitanya Rodhak
(-11) Amar Rodhak
(-12) Grahanusama Rodhak
(-13) Nakshatranusama Rodhak
(-14) Brahmandanusama Rodhak

About Sun Yogi Umasankar

Uma Sankar Sunyogi was born into a Hindu family in West Bengal, near Calcutta in India in 1967. Living next to an ashram throughout his childhood, he developed an early interest in Yoga and spirituality. By the age of eighteen, having spent a large proportion of his life practicing Yoga, he made the decision to

As an example when we open computer one by one windows some time after computer could be hang, similarly from childhood so many incomplete thought are hanging .

  • Yoga 100%
  • Meditation 96%
  • Stress Managment 90%
  • Samadhi 90%
  • Sprituality 86%
Yogi Uma Sankar

Yogi Uma Sankar


Mr. Chandra Sekhar

Mr. Chandra Sekhar

Teacher (Canada)

Mr. S.C. Karan

Mr. S.C. Karan


Mr. Kantipong Wonglaw

Mr. Kantipong Wonglaw


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The mission of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is to create a Self dependent and sustainable global family home University™.
If you are interested to attend basic Sun Yoga India Workshop ™ in India, please take a look the following schedule and contact person responsible for workshop organizing in different places:

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