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Uma Sankar Sunyogi ™ teaches acupressure to those who want to learn it for self-help and to those who would like to treat others using this method.

Teaching methods

Theoretical lectures, case studies and real treatment with real patients are given under the guidance of experienced teachers.


8 months practical and 1 theoretical exam after course are required to qualify to obtain the acupressure certificate. Both the practical and theoretical exam will carry 50 % weight each.

The first acupressure training was given to group of 30 Sun Yoga India ™ students in January/February 2013 at the Universal Peace Centre ™.

  • Yoga 80%
  • Meditation 90%
  • Healing 96%

Uma Sankar Sunyogi was born into a Hindu family in West Bengal, near Calcutta in India in 1967. Living next to an ashram throughout his childhood, he developed an early interest in Yoga and spirituality. By the age of eighteen, having spent a large proportion of his life practicing Yoga, he made the decision to

As an example when we open computer one by one windows some time after computer could be hang, similarly from childhood so many incomplete thought are hanging .

  • Yoga 100%
  • Meditation 96%
  • Stress Managment 90%
  • Samadhi 90%
  • Sprituality 86%
Yogi Uma Sankar

Yogi Uma Sankar


Mr. Chandra Sekhar

Mr. Chandra Sekhar

Teacher (Canada)

Mr. S.C. Karan

Mr. S.C. Karan


Mr. Kantipong Wonglaw

Mr. Kantipong Wonglaw


The mission of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is to create a Self dependent and sustainable global family home University™.
If you are interested to attend basic Sun Yoga India Workshop ™ in India, please take a look the following schedule and contact person responsible for workshop organizing in different places:

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