Sun Yoga India™ Levels

Sun Yoga India™ Levels

Sun Yoga India ™ levels of teaching are given for those who would like to practice Sun Meditation India ™ and to understand own spiritual growth and for those who would like to become Sun Yoga India ™ teachers.

Level I

Holistic Health & Happy Life – includes the following topics which will help you to prepare for stable daily life and spiritual practice

How to be healthy and why we are not healthy?
Physical health – how to change habits and life style easily and naturally?
Eat local, organic food and make your own diet according to your needs! 
Do simple and effective 
Learn basic breathing exercises!
Learn basic acupressure points to keep your body healthy!

Mental & emotional health –  How to overcome depression, emotional imbalance, lack of concentration, bad memory?
Learn how to understand yourself first and improve your psychological condition!
Easy and simple steps to resolve fears, traumas and depression.
Emotional and 
psychological stability are the key for stable spiritual growth! 
Spiritual practice – Connection with Almighty, Peaceful  life, Simple Ajna chakra meditation

Level II

Holistic Health & Happy Life
Chakra cleansing – breathing exercise  Pranayama
Eye to Eye Meditation 
Sun Meditation

Level II

Holistic Health & Happy Life
Basic Sun Yoga India
Yam, Niyam, Asana,29 Chakras,Kula Kundalini awakening
Sun meditation, Samadhi

Level II

Beginning of Enlightenment 
Freedom from dependency on food and water
One month course in the Ashram after one year of sincere Sun Meditation practice after finishing Advanced Sun Yoga India

Level II

Higher Enlightenment – no enemy stage, Paramahansa and Chaitanya stage, Longevity, immortality of physical body
3 years of sincere practice after advanced course.
6 months course in the Ashram

Level II

Final enlightenment 
12 years course 






Spiritual Imbalance



The mission of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is to create a Self dependent and sustainable global family home University™.
If you are interested to attend basic Sun Yoga India Workshop ™ in India, please take a look the following schedule and contact person responsible for workshop organizing in different places:

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