Knitting project

In May 2013, Ülrika Nyström and Caroline Löfqvist from Sweden, set up a beautiful project that is now selling hand-made & hand-sewn products (clothing, scarves, yoga mats) made by the people who live in Lachhipur village, where the Ashram is located.

Universal Peace Centre ™ activities since its inception:

1. Annual International Conference since 1998.
2. Workshops in various parts of India and abroad.
3. Free training camps of Sun Yoga India ™ and other meditations.
4. Free Acupressure treatment camp in various parts of India and abroad.
5. Research in Sun Yoga India ™ and other spiritual forms.
6. Research in cultivation through organic methods on the farming land of Universal Peace Centre ™ in Lachhipur
7. Coaching on environmental development by educating the villagers on pollution, and helping them to reduce pollution by improving their life style, including planting of new trees.
8. Help repairing and maintenance of village roads in and around Lachhipur village.
9. Social work through distribution of clothes to the poor people in surrounding villages.
10. Helping the poor students with books for their school.

The future plan of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is to: 

  1. Build a Global Health Home in future (headquartered in the village of Lachipur), where further research could be carried into Sun Meditation India ™ and Sun Yoga India ™, as they are the main tools for meditation, which ultimately seek to promote a peaceful society.
  1. Possibly create a potential similar facility in another part of the world, where people could practice similar ideals of universal peace, unity and brotherhood.
  1. CreateUniversity of Sun Yoga India ™, with a complete curriculum for it’s study and research.
  1. Achieve further funds for the continuation of such social activities and also to helpneedy people.
  1. Expand the current Ashram to welcome more people, as the number of visitors to the Ashram is increasing steadily.

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How you can help?

By offering your valuable time for the cause of our mission.
By sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.
By generating and donating funds for the ongoing and future projects.

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is to create a Self dependent and sustainable global family home University™.
If you are interested to attend basic Sun Yoga India Workshop ™ in India, please take a look the following schedule and contact person responsible for workshop organizing in different places:

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